I live on the NSW South Coast, delight in standing barefoot on floorboards warmed by sunlight, believe that cooking for others is a privilege and wish humans could grow more than one set of teeth. My favourite childhood haunt was the school library and I later worked in some so I could be home for my two children outside of school time. Once they were older, I worked in other places and it was not until 2005 that I immersed myself into the world of stories again.

I completed courses in Creative Writing, Short Story Writing, Professional Children’s Writing and Professional Editing and attended many writing workshops. When my short stories gained places in writing competitions, I started sending to magazines and publishers who published my work.

Publications outside of school resource materials and industry ezine articles include: Secrets compiled by Stephen Matthews Ginnindera Press, Short and Scary by black dog books, New South Wales School Magazine, YA novel Cinnamon Rain and younger readers novel View from the 32nd Floor.

Though I ponder lots without concluding anything, I know I could live happily without chocolate. Yes, really. I know the joy of growing sunflowers alongside blueberries, feel a jolt inside when a bird flies into a windowpane, think dictionaries are beautiful books and hope the sky never falls down.

© Copyright Emma Cameron