Sometimes inspiration simply strikes out of nowhere. Other times I seek it out. Either way, I’ve learnt that achieving nothing much is often the result of doing nothing much. Not that I don’t take time for moments of nothing: these sometimes allow things to simply appear. Yet I rarely do nothing for too long. Just as stillness can get the creative cogs turning, so can simply making a start. It may not always bring things out as I thought it might, but I believe that anything on a page is a start and often find great joy in simply beginning and seeing where things lead.

I’m often inspired when observing others, listening to their stories and pondering what life may be like in their shoes. I think that interaction with others is what leads to characters making their way into my mind. Not that any of my characters are any individual I’ve met, but I feel that the thousands of glimpses I’ve had into people I’ve come across throughout my life means a great selection of characteristics and circumstances make their way into my subconscious in whatever order they choose, evolving into characters and stories.

​If you wish to be further inspired, check out the exercises in the section titled Teachers. Have fun!

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