The labyrinth of options available in your writing journey can be confusing. With so much on offer, it’s difficult to know which path is best for you. Emma has worked as an editor in educational publishing and as a facilitator for writing courses. She is also an author whose work has been chosen for novels, anthologies, magazines and education resources. These experiences give her a broad and balanced view of the writing world. By examining where you’re at in your journey, Emma can guide you to choose the path that will be of greatest benefit to you.

Emma specialises in children's and YA literature. Whether you write short stories, picture books, early chapter books, primary school and YA novels, or non-fiction articles and books, Emma can help. While happy to provide manuscript assessment, story development coaching, editing, or proofreading, Emma especially appreciates the opportunity to tailor a mentorship to suit you, your goals and your needs.

Mentorship: Whether you wish to see your work in print with a publishing house, or to do it yourself, Emma can advise what steps are best for you to take to move closer to achieving your goal. Besides helping you understand where you and your work may fit in the world of literature, mentorship can include discussion about manuscripts at any stage of their development; provide coaching with your writing; and offer specific help in relation to all aspects of editing. Mentorships start with writers completing a questionnaire and giving examples of their writing as outlined by Emma when the process first begins. Mentorships start from $75.

Manuscript assessment: Emma’s written assessment of your writing will highlight strengths and weaknesses, offering suggestions for improvement. For fiction work this may include comments on plot, characters, style and format. Assessments vary depending on the length of your manuscript and its complexity. Available to writers seeking publication, or as the first step to self-publication, fees are as follows:
Picture books of up to 500 words $65
Junior novels up to 10,000 words $175
Middle grade novels up to 30,000 words $450
YA novels are priced starting at $450

Editing: Emma can complete comprehensive edits, or any one of the stages that make up a comprehensive edit, including structural editing, style editing, copy editing and proofreading. For self-publishing, a comprehensive edit helps work reach its full potential. If submitting to publishers, Emma will recommend the type of edit necessary to reach the minimum standard that publishing houses expect. Edits take much longer than manuscript assessment. The more words and issues involved, the longer a comprehensive edit takes. Fees vary, depending on length of manuscript and the type of work agreed upon.

Time taken to do any work includes reading, writing responses, marking up when editing, and time taken for emails or telephone communication. If you are interested in seeking help with your writing, contact Emma to determine what best suits your needs and how to proceed.
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